Integrated Biomechanical Centre

The experience of starting and running an integrated Primary Care biomechanical project in Ireland served as a springboard for other projects in the global south.

The Ireland project was a multidisciplinary team approach with a primary focus on the provision of timely, high-quality, in-house service under budget. This was at a time when the cost of providing orthotics, footwear, and other devices/appliances was skyrocketing.

Biomechanical services have always been a challenging part of healthcare service delivery. Some of these challenges are quality control, cost, and turnaround time. However, with our approach, quality errors were kept to the barest minimum and always rectified swiftly where identified. This has in turn helped to reduce cost and turnaround time.

Our experience abroad has been a testament to our professionalism, proven expertise, adaptability, cost management, and effectiveness. We have trained and established orthotic clinics and biomechanical services over the years. This has been in collaboration with Clients ranging from independent health centers to Tertiary institutions.