Training Excellence:
Our programs equip individuals to lead in their fields, combining cutting-edge virtual education with tailored in-person training on client request.


Infrastructure Development:
Our projects focus on sustainable infrastructure, ensuring communities have robust and accessible healthcare facilities for generations to come.


Primary and Public Health Initiatives:
We address the root causes of health challenges. From preventive measures to community engagement, our initiatives promote wellness and resilience.


Mentorship and Advisory Services:
Whether you're in search of pre-registration support, post-registration guidance, or opportunities for international employment, we stand as your dedicated partner on a successful career journey.

Training and Education

Healthcare Initiatives & Project Developments

Healthcare Professional & Personal Development Coaching

Our Operations

Peslocus-Needs Assessment

Care of The Elderly Initiative

Elderly care strategy aims to capture the multifactorial needs of this population group, and how to best address those needs.

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Peslocus-Service Development

Aquatic Therapy

Our expertise in the area was put to the test with the proposal for the reactivation of a previously abandoned pool in a Premier Teaching Hospital in West Africa.

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Peslocus-Service and Project Evaluation

Primary Care

This allows people of all ages and diverse health statuses to access care that meets their social, physical, mental, and psychological needs.

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Peslocus-Healthcare and Multisectoral Strategy Development

Integrated Biomechanical Centre

With our approach, quality errors were kept to the barest minimum and always rectified swiftly where identified.

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Ready to embark on a journey to transform healthcare in developing regions? We would love to hear from you.

Our projects

Our projects are rooted in the UK, Ireland, and the Global South. This reflects our commitment to making a meaningful impact on healthcare in diverse regions.

Previous endeavors have spanned a range of initiatives, showcasing our dedication to addressing healthcare challenges on a global scale.

Hydrotherapy Initiative in a Teaching Hospital (West Africa)

Implementing a groundbreaking hydrotherapy program within a teaching hospital in West Africa. This initiative aims to leverage the therapeutic benefits of water for rehabilitation, enhancing patient recovery and well-being through specialized aquatic interventions.

Integrated Rehabilitation Service (West Africa)

Establishing a comprehensive rehabilitation service in West Africa that seamlessly combines various therapeutic modalities. This integrated approach ensures individuals receive holistic care, addressing physical, psychological, and social aspects to promote optimal recovery and reintegration into society.

Primary Care Initiative (West Africa)

Pioneering a primary care initiative in West Africa to strengthen healthcare at its foundation. This program focuses on community-based, preventive, and basic healthcare services, enhancing accessibility and promoting early intervention to improve overall health outcomes in the region.


Integrated Orthotic/Biomechanical Services (Ireland)

Introducing integrated orthotic and biomechanical services in Ireland, emphasizing a multidisciplinary approach to address musculoskeletal challenges. This initiative combines advanced orthotic interventions with biomechanical assessments to enhance mobility, functionality, and overall quality of life for individuals.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Providing ongoing education and skill enhancement through a dynamic Continuous Professional Development (CPD) program. This initiative ensures that healthcare professionals stay abreast of the latest advancements, promoting lifelong learning and maintaining high standards of expertise in their respective fields.

Elderly Care Initiatives

Spearheading initiatives focused on enhancing care for the elderly population. These programs encompass a range of services, from specialized healthcare interventions to community engagement, with the goal of promoting the well-being, dignity, and quality of life for elderly individuals.

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    Peslocus-Needs Assessment

    Needs Assessment

    Conducting thorough evaluations to identify and analyze the healthcare requirements of communities, organizations, or regions. Our needs assessment process serves as a foundation for targeted and effective interventions.

    Peslocus-Service Development

    Service Development

    Crafting innovative and tailored healthcare services based on identified needs. We design comprehensive solutions that address specific challenges, ensuring the delivery of quality and impactful services.

    Peslocus-Service and Project Evaluation

    Service and Project Evaluation

    Rigorous evaluation of healthcare services and projects to gauge their effectiveness, efficiency, and overall impact. This iterative assessment process allows us to continuously refine and enhance our initiatives.

    Peslocus-Healthcare and Multisectoral Strategy Development

    Healthcare and Multisectoral Strategy Development

    Formulating strategic plans that encompass healthcare objectives along with a multisectoral approach. Our strategies integrate various sectors to create holistic solutions that contribute to comprehensive and sustainable healthcare improvements.

    Peslocus-Capacity Development

    Capacity Development

    Empowering individuals and organizations through targeted capacity-building initiatives. Our programs focus on enhancing the skills, knowledge, and resources of healthcare professionals and systems, fostering long-term resilience and growth.

    Let's Connect:

    Ready to embark on a journey to transform healthcare in developing regions? We would love to hear from you.